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“You can build a six figure income with a work from home business.”

                                            WL Laney

How to Make Money

It Seems Obvious -- "You Work For It!"

My favorite motivational speaker is the now deceased Jim Rohn.  As you listen, you will find yourself exclaiming with one of his favorite expressions – “Of Course.” 

Mr. Rohn always made it so simple to understand.  There was nothing else to say but of course.  Watch the video to hear him explain why the CEO of a major corporation earns more than a McDonald’s employee.

Provide Value to the Marketplace

Salespeople take a bad wrap in our culture.  To most people, the sleazy used car salesman defines the profession. 

Nothing could be farther from the truth.  Men and women of integrity have made fortunes providing a vital service putting products or services in the hands of the consumer.  Today’s best example is Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon.  Mr. Bezos is a salesman using the latest tools and techniques to sell products and services to the consumer.

Although I have never met Jeff, he is helping me earn an income with a very lucrative partnership.  I write a book and Amazon presents it to the 197 million users that visit “Jeff’s” website every month.  Mr. Rohn describes the relationship as bringing value to the marketplace.

Business Owner's Needs

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